• Making kolace in Mrkopalj, Croatia
    Sam loved when Pavice made kolace, and this batch that she produced in her summer kitchen was her last one for him.
  • Robert Starcevic, Noodling on Guitar
    Robert is a rock star.
  • The Song of Mrkopalj, Croatia: Malo po Malo
    Sung at the baptism of Paul and Helen s daughter, Magda. Malo po Malo means "Little by LIttle," and has been the village anthem for generations.
  • The insane carnival ride at the Mrkopalj, Croatia festa
    This was the ride that made Robert sick, and made Jim nearly lose it from nervousness. Look at how those kids kick each other around!
  • Rolling sarma in Mrkopalj, Croatia with Baka Ana and Zora
    Zora (left) and Baka Ana show off the art of rolling sarma from kiseli kupus, in Baka Ana s kitchen in Mrkopalj, Croatia.
  • Knitting in Mrkopalj, Croatia, with Baka Ana
    Baka Ana Tomic and Zora Horacek teach the art of knitting socks five needles!
  • All Saint s Day in Mrkopalj, Croatia
    The November feast day that is the only one all religions in the former Yugoslavia celebrate, and the day I found the graves of Valentin and Jelena.
  • Wink Buster! by Sam Hoff
    Sam Hoff homeschool assignment in Rovinj, Croatia: Make a Science Fiction movie. It is awesome.
  • Running Away to Home book trailer, By Jennifer Wilson
    Running Away to Home is a book about how my family and I sold all our stuff and moved back to the ancient Croatian mountain village of my ancestors to start over together. We had a ball ... usually. Plus: Music by The 88! Yay!
  • Shredding cabbage for sauerkraut old skool
    Baka Ana s grandson Filip shreds the cabbage, they way it s always been shredded in Mrkopalj, Croatia, throughout the centuries.
  • Making sauerkraut (kiseli kupus) in Mrkopalj, Croatia
    Baka Ana s (gorgeous) grandson, Filip, making the yearly sauerkraut supply in the cellar. Ingredients: cabbage, salt, that s it.
  • Church in Croatia Our Lady of Seven Sorrows
    Our neighbor Zeljko Crnic took us on a tour of the heart of Mrkopalj the Church of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows. He and Sister Terezija (with his granddaughter Lucia translating) showed us the bells in the steeple and told us the history of the village church through the years. It was amazing. Then we rocked it out on the organ.
  • Robert sings Bijele Stijene
    Our landlord and guide, Robert Starcevic, wrote and performed this song as a young man. Awesome.
  • Tomo Butchers a Sheep
    Tomo was the go to guy for roasting a sheep in Mrkopalj. Or, as we liked to call him: The Architect for the Sheep.
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