Stories and facts that helped inform the writing and illustration of Water.


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“Obama’s Proposed 68% Death Tax Would Be Highest in World,” Robert Wood, Feb. 3, 2015, Forbes

“The Quest for Sustainable Corn in Iowa,” June 12, 2014, National Geographic



“Collecting Water: The Role of Women & Children”

“In Flint, Michigan, Overpriced Water Causing People’s Skin to Erupt in Rashes and Hair to Fall Out,” Curt Guyette, July 16, 2015, The Nation

“Obama Declares State of Emergency Over Flint’s Contaminated Water,” Camila Domonoske, January 16, 2016, National Public Radio

“Water Affordability Spotlighted on Capitol Hill,” Jessica L. Atcheson, February 27, 2015, UUSC



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Incidence and geographical distribution of sudden infant death syndrome in relation to content of nitrate in drinking water and groundwater levels.

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Freshwater Crisis, National Georgraphic

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