Take a walk through Mrkopalj, Croatia. If you want, that is.

Today, at long last, I’ve started putting up images of our life in Mrkopalj on the gallery page of this website.

During the editing process of Running Away to Home, my editor Kathy Huck and I agreed not to add a photo insert to the book. It’s not because we didn’t have awesome photos—we did, and plenty, largely thanks to Jim’s camera skills—but because I wanted you to have your own images of the village in your mind as you walk through Mrkopalj with me as your guide. I wanted to leave plenty of room for interpretation, the way my favorite bands do. I’m pretty sure those nebulous Son Volt lyrics wouldn’t have meant so much to me if they were more specific. “Now and then, it keeps you running, to that one area of St. Louis on the side of town where me and Tweedy grew up … ” doesn’t stir my soul quite as much.

So, few images in that copy of Running Away to Home waiting over there on your nightstand. Dream away. What’s your version of an open meadow in the mountains? Who is your own Robert-like character, the artistic tornado who both maddens you and melts your heart? Who is your stand-in grandparent, who nurtures you like her own, because you need it?

Then, if you want, check out the gallery and meet the population of our version of The Best Village Ever.

Short URL: http://bit.ly/oMlgQG